A Little Workout from Me to You

Hellooo there!

So this morning I subbed the Total Body Conditioning class for my friend Mary at Berkeley Ironworks. So I wouldn’t be bumbling around at 6:30am making up things on the fly, which I tend to do when I’m by myself (This is a bad habit, I really need to plan my workouts more if I’m going to improve) I wrote out a little circuit for the class, which I figured I might as well share with you my internet friends : )

So here we go:

**Find a wood or tile surface. Get two towels to slide around the floor.  If you cannot just do everything without the sliding aspect
1. 30 sec work, 10 sec break. 3 rounds
~Slide pushup
– Place each hand on a towel
– First slide your right arm forward and back
– Second slide your left arm forward and back
– Pushup
~Mountain Climbers
– Get in a plank position on your hands
– Place a towel under each foot
– Slide your right knee into your chest, return to straight
– Slide your left knee into your chest, return to straight
*** Make sure to keep your hips square and try to avoid your hips from tilting. Move your legs as slow as you need to maintain this form
~Back lunge with Right leg while holding weight in Right hand.
– Place your right foot on the towel
– While holding a decently heavy dumbbell or kettlebell in your right hand placed at your side, slide into a back lunge
*** You may hold the weight up at your shoulder as well or above your head with your elbow locked and back by your ear

~Back lunge with weight on Left side

2. 30 sec work, 10 sec break, 3 rounds
 —-> Some times were adjusted due to time constraints of the class, but this was the original plan
~Goblet Squat
-Hold a kettlebell with both hands in front of your chest
~Shoulder press Right side while kneeling on right knee
– Begin by kneeling on your right knee with left knee up
– Holding kettlebell or dumbbell in your right hand, start at your shoulder and press up while keeping your shoulder down in it’s socket.  Do the movement slow and controlled.
~Should press Left side
~Side plank Right side
~Side plank Left side
3. Complete 50 reps of each exercise in whatever order or interval sets you please
—-> This was completed based on whoever finished first
~Core Row
– Get in a plank position, while holding dumbbells
–  While keeping your hips stable (you can widen your feet to make it easier) row a single dumbbell off the floor and up to your chest
– Return to the ground
*** 1 rep is a row for both the left and right side

~Russian Twists

-Sit up with your legs on the floor knees bent
– Lean back until you feel your abs engaged
– While holding a single or two dumbbells at your chest rotate your torso to the right
– Rotate back to center and to the left
*** That is 1 rep

~Chest Flys with leg raise
– Lie down on your back while holding a dumbbell in each hand
– Raise your legs up to 90 degrees and hold the dumbbells straight over your chest
– As you lower your legs also move your arms out horizontally simultaneously until they are parallel to the ground
– Bring both legs and arms back to 90 degrees

4. 30sec work, 5 sec transition. 4 rounds

~Tuck Jumps
– Begin in a squat position
– While you jump up kick your butt with your heels
~Elbow plank
Now just as a note I don’t have a gym boss timer, but I downloaded this nifty little app called Seconds Pro and I have to say it worked beautifully in the class setting today especially since it can coordinate with your playlists.  There is both a free and paid version for $2.99.  The paid version allows you to save your circuits for later.
Here’s a screen shot just so you can have an idea.
Go check it out here
Soooo did you workout today?
What did you do?
Also I got this new T-Shirt. I’m pretty happy about it
Have a great weekend : )