It Has the Flavors

Plastic is delicious…..

Installment 2 of Michi being an idiot


Spider Cat

Spider Michi. Spider Michi. Does whatever a Spider Michi Does!

I’ve been trying to capture this on film for the last year.  Sorry for the bad quality.

Stay tuned for installment 2 of Michi being stupid

So Many Leftovers Oh My!

After a week we have finally gotten to the end of our leftovers from Thanksgiving.  And by leftovers, I only mean turkey, because the man and I demolished our 5 bags of sides within 36 hours.  We eat A LOT. Nothing goes to waste in this here household except the occasional bargain bin bag which is already half rotting upon purchase.

We eat large animal amounts

Anyways moving on.  We have been working our way through the leftover turkey in the form of stock, soups, cauliflower fried “rice”, scrambles, and just plain old dipped in cranberry sauce.  Even after a week of that we still had all of this leftover.

This is a good 9 cup sized tupperware

We definitely made a dent, but the rest of it had to go and it had to go now!  So I looked in the fridge to see what type of things I had that I could use to concoct something edible and use up the rest of the turkey, which also would not take too long because I’m lazy and was hungry.  We had some curry at my grandpa’s house the other night and I was still hankering for that taste so I decided to make a Thai Yellow Turkey Curry! (Try and say that five times fast. I certainly cannot. Many accolades to you if you can though)


It ended up appeasing my curry craving, however, it is definitely not an authentic Thai dish by any means.  I mostly called it a Thai curry because it had coconut milk, ginger, lime and basil in it.  As with most of my concoctions none of them are authentic and usually come about from perusing my fridge and pantry to see what I can make without having to go to the store.  I’m generally a go big or go home type of shopper when it comes to the grocery store so I rarely make more than one or two trips a week.  This is also probably because I’m a bit lazy so I’ve chosen to perfect my art of substituting with what I have : )  No one has suffered terribly yet….  Let’s hope I can maintain that track record.

And just because it’s always good to take a cat break

Who sleeps like this?

She's pretty much game for most abuse

I know not many features on Zack have appeared, but that’s because he’s always outside hustlin’ and taking care of his territory.  He is far more intelligent then the feline above and much more aware of what’s going on.  I was having a tough day Wednesday and Zack, who normally is taking care of his cat business outside stayed in to sleep next to me all night.  So to you cat haters out there and nonbelievers cats are loyal to their owners and can sense pain just as much as their doggy friends.

Much love

The Tail Boner

Michi is our younger woman cat.  You have met her on my About page, but here are a few more images of this god forsaken feline.

Spawn of Satan

Cute but with a crazed look

Climbs everything

The queen of everything



Sleeps in awkward places



        In short, she is a cat. She sleeps a lot, chases nothing, climbs up are window slats, meows,  has claws, and likes to keep her business end in your face whenever you are working.  We got her to keep Zack company, but really she just sashays around the apartment and sneaks up on Zack to swat him in the face when she feels like it, then acts all cute and snuggly when you least expect it.  Essentially she is kind of a female, in ALL senses of the word. (Those of you who are feminists and find this offensive, too bad, I don’t really care)

Anyways moving on to the main event of this post.  Michi in all her cat glory also exhibits the oddest behavior.  Most cats when they are threatened tend to arch their back, tail puffs up, and get all types of hissy.

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

But Michi likens this response to extreme pleasure.  Particularly in the morning when you are getting ready for the day and she insists on being pet.

Getting stimulated

(Sorry for the blurry picture, she was really into it)

And then I give you the TAIL BONER!

Tail Boner Achieved

I hope you find this as hilarious as I do.  If not too bad. I love my cats. Have a nice day!