Shanghai Style Cauliflower “Rice”

This was the first dish I ever learned how to cook as a kid except with rice.  Now that I’m moving towards a more primal diet I’ve substituted the rice with cauliflower.  So here’s another cauliflower “rice” dish which is a little different from your typical fried rice.

Also as always with some of my Asian inspired dishes not every item is 100% paleo mostly because I’m still paleoizing my kitchen and the chinese style sausage is too nostalgic for me not to have in this dish.  That and I’m not one to waste things if I already have it, however, the appropriate substitutions are noted.

Shanghai Style Cauliflower “Rice”

1 head of cauliflower

8-10 heads of bok choy washed and sliced 1/2 inch thick

8 chinese style sausages “lap chong” diced

*ham would be a fine paleo substitute here

2 inch knob of ginger peeled and sliced

1 Tbsp Chinese cooking wine

1 Tsp soy sauce

* coconut aminos

*2 Tbsp cooking fat of choice if not using lap chong

The Method

1) Pulse your cauliflower in a food processor until it resembles rice. Set aside.


2) In a big pot cook the lap chong until brown. Remove the lap chong

3) Using the lap chong fat saute your ginger for 30 seconds

4) Add the bok choy

5) Add lap chong back along with the chinese cooking wine and soy sauce

Greens : )

6) Place the cauliflower rice on top of the lap chong-veggie mixture and put a lid on the pot to allow cooking liquids to steam the rice for 5 minutes

Almost done

7) Remove lid and mix everything together. You may want to pour out any excess cooking liquid if things are looking mushy at this point due to water escaping from the veggies.

8 ) Adjust seasonings to taste and eat!

Yummy in my tummy!


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