Chinese Steamed Egg

This is a nice alternative to a frittata or huge scramble when you have lots of eggs and want to use it as a main dish for your meal spread.  Feel free to substitute or add in anything you want.  Also I still don’t have a completely paleoized kitchen and until I get a bigger paycheck some things will just stay the same.

Chinese Steamed Egg

8 eggs

2 cups flavored liquid (stock, mushroom liquid, etc)

2 tsp soy sauce

*coconut aminos to make paleo

1 cup rehydrated shitake mushrooms (make sure to save the liquid after you rehydrate this stuff is pure flavor)

3 scallions diced




The Method

Flavor in a Bag

1) Rehydrate mushrooms by covering in water

A tad parched


2) Beat eggs together and add your stock or flavored liquid.

3) Beat in soy sauce

4) Add scallions and mushrooms

5) Pour egg mixture into a heat safe dish which can be steamed on the stove.

Ready for the steam room!

6) Steam for 30-40 minutes or until set.

Ready for Eats

Enjoy over cauliflower rice or just by itself.


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