Weekend Update + A Workout Circuit

Happy Monday Interwebz!

So if you were here last week I forced upon all of you what I did for the weekend and now I’m going to do it again!!!

As I hinted to before we headed up to Tahoe for some spring skiing.  The weather was gorgeous and pretty much summed up why I love California.  This state has every type of geographical landscape a person could want and all within a 2 hour jaunt for the most part.

Saturday we drove up from the Bay at around 4:30 and then skied from opening till about 12, which was when you more or less needed a jet ski to get around.  Then we just rode the bikes from Squaw to Lake Tahoe to enjoy the views, check out some bike shops, and get some ice cream : ) Yum!

The man took this gorgeous photo with a nifty iPhone app

The only downside was that I got myself sunburnt.  It was entirely my fault since I’m Asian, I just constantly assume that I’ll never burn even if it is 75F out.  Silly me

Next morning we woke up at 6am and I accompanied the man to take some morning shots in the meadow.  (All photo cred goes to the man.  I simply stole his SD card and borrowed the raw images.  Eventually he will render them and they will be even better!)

Misty Meadows

Mountain Tops

Snow Melt

Eventually, being a lady, I demanded we have a couple picture….

Working out the timer situation

Not perfect, but at least we have proof!

Then I stole the camera….

Took one decent picture.....

and then photobombed it myself

After I ruined that whole experience with my shenanigans we ate some breakfast and then skied until about 11:30 before it got too mushy since it was so dang hot. So hot that it became “TSHIRT TIME!!!”   Jersey Shore anyone???

Anywho we finished up the season at the passholder party where we got some cheap drinks and food.  All in all a great weekend and ending to a mediocre snow season.  Oh well there’s always next year and I’ll be in Davis which is so much closer : )

Hope you had a grand 2 days as well! Do anything cool?

Also just because I said I would here’s a little workout circuit we did in Total Body Conditioning this morning since I subbed again.

40s each exercise 3-4 rounds
Shoulder Taps or Single Arm Plank
Snowboarder Jumps
Lazy Burpees
Squat hold or Wall sits
AMRAP 8 min
MB pushup x10
Full Body Wood chop x 15
Russian Twists w/ MB x20
30s each exercise 2-3 rounds
Back lunge w/ KB
Squat + OVH press w/ KB
Bridge w/ chest press KB
20s work 10 sec transition 4 rounds
V ups
Tuck Jumps


Did you work up a sweat this morning or will you later?

Have a great week!


A Little Workout from Me to You

Hellooo there!

So this morning I subbed the Total Body Conditioning class for my friend Mary at Berkeley Ironworks. So I wouldn’t be bumbling around at 6:30am making up things on the fly, which I tend to do when I’m by myself (This is a bad habit, I really need to plan my workouts more if I’m going to improve) I wrote out a little circuit for the class, which I figured I might as well share with you my internet friends : )

So here we go:

**Find a wood or tile surface. Get two towels to slide around the floor.  If you cannot just do everything without the sliding aspect
1. 30 sec work, 10 sec break. 3 rounds
~Slide pushup
– Place each hand on a towel
– First slide your right arm forward and back
– Second slide your left arm forward and back
– Pushup
~Mountain Climbers
– Get in a plank position on your hands
– Place a towel under each foot
– Slide your right knee into your chest, return to straight
– Slide your left knee into your chest, return to straight
*** Make sure to keep your hips square and try to avoid your hips from tilting. Move your legs as slow as you need to maintain this form
~Back lunge with Right leg while holding weight in Right hand.
– Place your right foot on the towel
– While holding a decently heavy dumbbell or kettlebell in your right hand placed at your side, slide into a back lunge
*** You may hold the weight up at your shoulder as well or above your head with your elbow locked and back by your ear

~Back lunge with weight on Left side

2. 30 sec work, 10 sec break, 3 rounds
 —-> Some times were adjusted due to time constraints of the class, but this was the original plan
~Goblet Squat
-Hold a kettlebell with both hands in front of your chest
~Shoulder press Right side while kneeling on right knee
– Begin by kneeling on your right knee with left knee up
– Holding kettlebell or dumbbell in your right hand, start at your shoulder and press up while keeping your shoulder down in it’s socket.  Do the movement slow and controlled.
~Should press Left side
~Side plank Right side
~Side plank Left side
3. Complete 50 reps of each exercise in whatever order or interval sets you please
—-> This was completed based on whoever finished first
~Core Row
– Get in a plank position, while holding dumbbells
–  While keeping your hips stable (you can widen your feet to make it easier) row a single dumbbell off the floor and up to your chest
– Return to the ground
*** 1 rep is a row for both the left and right side

~Russian Twists

-Sit up with your legs on the floor knees bent
– Lean back until you feel your abs engaged
– While holding a single or two dumbbells at your chest rotate your torso to the right
– Rotate back to center and to the left
*** That is 1 rep

~Chest Flys with leg raise
– Lie down on your back while holding a dumbbell in each hand
– Raise your legs up to 90 degrees and hold the dumbbells straight over your chest
– As you lower your legs also move your arms out horizontally simultaneously until they are parallel to the ground
– Bring both legs and arms back to 90 degrees

4. 30sec work, 5 sec transition. 4 rounds

~Tuck Jumps
– Begin in a squat position
– While you jump up kick your butt with your heels
~Elbow plank
Now just as a note I don’t have a gym boss timer, but I downloaded this nifty little app called Seconds Pro and I have to say it worked beautifully in the class setting today especially since it can coordinate with your playlists.  There is both a free and paid version for $2.99.  The paid version allows you to save your circuits for later.
Here’s a screen shot just so you can have an idea.
Go check it out here
Soooo did you workout today?
What did you do?
Also I got this new T-Shirt. I’m pretty happy about it
Have a great weekend : )


Hello Again!

Sorry for the delay in posts.  I wish I had an epic reason other than just being distracted by life outside of work, but alas I do not and I apologize.  Pretty much a blog fail.  For the most part I’ve just gotten sucked into reading a variety of books, articles, and other information holes on the internet revolving around nutrition, fitness, and getting your “Dream Job” over at Ramit Sethi’s site.  One might infer that I’m in that “New Year” mindset ( I know it’s February already you have full permission to judge away) and am trying to really reflect on what I want to accomplish in my life and as a person.  Seriously though, if you are feeling like you are in a rut or just want to learn good advice on how to actually tackle anything in life I suggest you go check out Iwillteachyoutoberich.com Ramit Sethi is a no candy coating, no excuses kind of guy and I appreciate it a lot because he also goes into the psychological barriers that hold most of us back.

Anywho, moving on, here is a quick recap of what else I’ve been up to besides fiddling around on the interwebz.

1) Eating a lot of spaghetti squash.

Pork Stew with Spaghetti Squash noms!

It's like a small child.

Sorry about the spandex.  I played volleyball for 8 years so I find myself inadvertently sporting them more often than I should and thus couldn’t find a sans spandex picture showing the massiveness of this squash.

$0.99! A prime example of Bargain Bin FTW

These beasts were $0.39/lb or even just $0.99 for the whole damn thing if it was in the bargain bin.  You can’t even get a box of pasta for that cheap and grains are just bad anyhow, so I urge you to try out this magical yellow vegetable.

2) Working on being able to do a pullup.

And why you might ask? Well ever since I was 40lb of human being in elementary school this is just something I’ve never quite been able to do.  Sad indeed, but that is how it is. Baby steps people.

Coming to a gym near you! Liz does unassisted pullup : D

3) Running…wait what?

Yes, I hate running, but as a belated graduation gift Mynchia presented the man and I an all expenses paid trip for the Tough Mudder in Big Bear this July.  The course is about 10 miles so I need to rack up my running miles if I’m going to finish this fun adventure and run through an electrical field at the finish line……….

I’m super excited about that part, can’t you tell?

So much fun right?

4) Taking pictures of animals.

Hanging out at work

I love animals and animals love me or so I think.


Woman cats being all womanly

5) Started a meetup

If you haven’t heard about meetup.com it’s a pretty neat social site where the point is for people to actually come together in the flesh and do fun things such as hikes, movies, network, etc.  Go check it out it’s a cool way to acquaint yourself with other cool people in your neighborhood.

And if you’re not busy this Sunday and you live in the Bay Area you should come to my Paleo Picnic Potluck at Lake Temescal : )

6) Made Tacos for the Superbowl ala the Kitchn

I ate mine with butter lettuce leafs and homemade guacomle. Delish!

So that’s a wrap of the last 4 weeks in a nutshell and I do apologize for my posting delays. I’ll be working on getting back to my regularly scheduled program ASAP!

Have a great week!

Hallow 2012!

To 2012 I bid you HALLOW! 2011 was a good year indeed, but I think we just might be able to make this year even better as we cross into new territories and see where life takes us. And if how we ended this past year is any prediction of the upcoming one it should be pretty darn swell : )

So just in case you were interested this is how we spent the day.

I took the day off work and the man, myself and friends from the gym started off with a quick 5k in Golden Gate Park.

Always happy prerun

The man ran in the first wave because he wanted to WIN!

Man on a Mission!

I hung back for the second wave because as you know I’m not a huge fan of the running business, but it’s always fun to do things with a group.

It was a tad chilly

Once we started moving all was well though.  I ended up falling behind Mary and the other Ironworks folk, but I had no shame plodding along at my own pace.  Perhaps I should work on that next year.  Resolution perhaps?…. I make no promises ; )

In the end, the man unfortunately did not win as he had planned because he overran the volunteer markers and thus the course. On the bright side, the man being nice finished my leg of the run with me for kicks.

run, run, run

Not completely miserable for once. Amazing!


We enjoyed some complimentary mimosas afterwards and then headed up to the Haight to show Jeff’s friends Martin around.  Also much love to Martin for taking our pictures and holding our stuff while we ran. Thanks buddy!

The rest of the day was spent prepping some Spicy Chicken Drumsticks and Peppermint Patties from the Make it Paleo cookbook to bring to some New Years Eve festivities later that night.

The plan was for buffalo wings, but I had a few detours

Patty love

The evening was spent ringing in the new year with old and new friends, food, drinks and a whole lot of this..

and this…..

however, none of us looked even remotely that good except perhaps Amos who actually has rhythm.  The video I have is horrifyingly embarrassing so I shall make an effort to keep the friends I have by not humiliating them.

So that was how we rang in the New Year. It was most memorable and thoroughly delicious.

Happy New Year!

What did you do? Do you have any resolutions or plans for 2012?

A Little Follow Up on Burning Off the Turkey Fest

First things first,  I am not an expert on fitness or training.  I just like working out, feeling strong, and creating my own delusion that I look pretty decent.

Yesterday I posted about the workout I did and also ever so briefly mentioned my hatred of running and preferred method of circuit training with minimal breaks.  Until today I did not realize the actual proper name for this type of exercise regime because as I said I ain’t no expert! : )  Anyways the pros in the field call it Metabolic Resistance Training/Metabolic Conditioning Training.

So after reading a bit more and watching videos on the interwebz I felt I should clear up my vague explanation of how I workout especially if I’m going to post about it here and there.  Additionally, giving my wordy description a more formal term will make it more Google friendly and who doesn’t like that?

Anyways I liked this video since it describes why Metabolic Resistance and Conditioning Training does make a bigger physical impact on your body without putting it under the same amount of stress as pounding the pavement for miles.


P.S. I realize not everyone is interested in these things. So if you are great! If not you can peruse the site for more Food Noms and Cat Mishaps instead.

Burning off the Turkey Fest Gluttony

After having basked in the glory of Thanksgiving and its leftovers for the past several days I figure it’s about time to get my bum back to the gym.

This wasn’t my first form of physical activity since Turkey day.  I think guilt got the best of me and Jeff, the man, and I played some two touch football last Friday with his old college buddies in Palo Alto. The weather was nice and as expected Jeff, Amos and Kevin were first to be picked for teams whilst Nikhilbean, Anubis, and myself were at the other end of the spectrum.  However, jokes on everybody else since the 3 of us most certainly had the highest yards per catch and touchdowns of the day.  We be sleeper picks ; )

On a related note, I likely got the most catches because

1) I have decent hands

2) People don’t know I have decent hands so I don’t get covered. (Silly boys you were deceived!)

3) Even if I’m not covered I run slow so it doesn’t matter all too much if I get the ball.

Now, this last point of running slow stems from the fact that I HATE RUNNING.  Seriously, I really hate it so I generally never bother to try and increase mile times or better my form because it would require running for practice, which isn’t gonna happen for me.

For example this past Halloween the man and I did a 10k Mud Run out in Folsom.  There were marine obstacles and lots of mud throughout the 10K, which I absolutely loved because it’s like being on a giant adult playground of sorts.

Generally happy pre mud run

However, the running made me want to die.  The man can attest to this as he probably would’ve won the whole damn thing, but being a good man he stuck by me as I dragged along.I had never run that distance in one go period before this because I generally avoided running at all costs throughout my 23 years of life.  There is a good reason that I played volleyball as opposed to soccer or basketball; a 30’x30′ square is much better than running on a whole damn field.


I look so miserable LOL

* Sorry I can only use this small picture.  If you click on it you can see my misery in a larger format : )

Anyways, my point, if you haven’t figured it out already is I don’t run. I also don’t like pure cardio especially on machines.  I prefer more strength training and getting your heart rate up through circuit training with multiple different exercises done in rounds with no breaks.  If you live in Berkeley and belong to Ironworks, the 630am Total Athletic Body Conditioning Class run by Mary is awesome and a great place to get yourself acquainted to this style of exercise. Go check it out!

So in light of what I discussed above this was my workout today.


*Note that all the weights I indicated were just what I used. You should try it out with whatever works for you : )

5 minute warmup

Today: sprint intervals: 30sec sprint, 1 minute jog

Other options: jumping jacks, jump rope, mountain climbers, jog, whatever gets your blood flowing a bit

Circuit 1: 3 rounds

Two handed kettlebell swing (16kg): 30sec

Jump squats: 15 sec

One arm (right) kettlebell swing (16kg): 30 sec

Jump squats: 15 sec

One arm (left) kettlebell swing (16kg): 30sec

Jump squats: 15 sec

Repeat Immediately

Circuit 2: 3 rounds

Russian twists with kettlebell (12kg): 20 each side

Bridge and dip with kettlebell (12kg) chest press: 20x

Straight leg, straight arm sit up: 20x


Circuit 3: 6 rounds

Sprint 60 yards *  or 15 burpees as fast as you can

* I just went back and forth in a fairly long room.

Hold plank: 30 sec

Repeat Immediately

Circuit 4: 2 rounds

Turkish get ups (12kg): 5 each side

Single leg kettlebell deadlift (16kg): 10 each leg

Leg lifts on back while holding kettlebell overhead (12kg): 10x


Circuit 5: 4 rounds

Barbell deadlifts: 15x

Barbell back squats: 15x

* Increase weight each round.

(I think I started with 55lbs and ended at 75lbs based on the fact that the barbell I used was either 35lb or 45lbs on its own.      Not totally sure as using the barbell is fairly new to me…….)

Now go try it out!