Weekend Update + A Workout Circuit

Happy Monday Interwebz!

So if you were here last week I forced upon all of you what I did for the weekend and now I’m going to do it again!!!

As I hinted to before we headed up to Tahoe for some spring skiing.  The weather was gorgeous and pretty much summed up why I love California.  This state has every type of geographical landscape a person could want and all within a 2 hour jaunt for the most part.

Saturday we drove up from the Bay at around 4:30 and then skied from opening till about 12, which was when you more or less needed a jet ski to get around.  Then we just rode the bikes from Squaw to Lake Tahoe to enjoy the views, check out some bike shops, and get some ice cream : ) Yum!

The man took this gorgeous photo with a nifty iPhone app

The only downside was that I got myself sunburnt.  It was entirely my fault since I’m Asian, I just constantly assume that I’ll never burn even if it is 75F out.  Silly me

Next morning we woke up at 6am and I accompanied the man to take some morning shots in the meadow.  (All photo cred goes to the man.  I simply stole his SD card and borrowed the raw images.  Eventually he will render them and they will be even better!)

Misty Meadows

Mountain Tops

Snow Melt

Eventually, being a lady, I demanded we have a couple picture….

Working out the timer situation

Not perfect, but at least we have proof!

Then I stole the camera….

Took one decent picture.....

and then photobombed it myself

After I ruined that whole experience with my shenanigans we ate some breakfast and then skied until about 11:30 before it got too mushy since it was so dang hot. So hot that it became “TSHIRT TIME!!!”   Jersey Shore anyone???

Anywho we finished up the season at the passholder party where we got some cheap drinks and food.  All in all a great weekend and ending to a mediocre snow season.  Oh well there’s always next year and I’ll be in Davis which is so much closer : )

Hope you had a grand 2 days as well! Do anything cool?

Also just because I said I would here’s a little workout circuit we did in Total Body Conditioning this morning since I subbed again.

40s each exercise 3-4 rounds
Shoulder Taps or Single Arm Plank
Snowboarder Jumps
Lazy Burpees
Squat hold or Wall sits
AMRAP 8 min
MB pushup x10
Full Body Wood chop x 15
Russian Twists w/ MB x20
30s each exercise 2-3 rounds
Back lunge w/ KB
Squat + OVH press w/ KB
Bridge w/ chest press KB
20s work 10 sec transition 4 rounds
V ups
Tuck Jumps


Did you work up a sweat this morning or will you later?

Have a great week!


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