My Cabinets Are Hideous

Like most twenty somethings I live in a rental apartment.  And most unfortunately it does not look like a West Elm or Restoration Hardware catalog…

Le sigh..........

One day I will have an epic farm table like this, but with benches.

Instead I live in a basic apartment; white walls, wall to wall brown carpet, and a tiny kitchen.  Granted I do live in an awesome location and have a pretty decent amount of natural light so I can’t complain too much.  I do also realize I’m just out of college working to move on to veterinary school and the next chapter in my life, so I don’t expect to live in a home that is picture perfect and straight out of a magazine. (But I wish I did sooooo badly..haha)

However, there is nothing stopping me from trying to achieve my dream in a smaller and more frugal way. Hence I present to you my cabinets.  (Everything was taken with my iphone and at night so I do apologize for the crappy pictures)

Hideous. White. Blah.

They are quite blah and as you can see get dirty easily by the random piece of food streak.  As you know I cook a lot so I do spend most of my time in my kitchen looking at these depressing cabinets, which just makes me sad and hence my food sad.  : (   And sad food never tastes good.  So this weekend I finally got off my sad butt and remedied the problem.

Now as you know this is a rental so paint is out of the question, but that is why we LOVE Contact paper.  : D  Yay!! A while back I purchased chalkboard contact paper off of Amazon.  I figured with this I could always take it down and  I could change my designs whenever I felt inspired.

After covering the face of my cabinets I started to draw with the chalk which was okay, but I wanted it to stand out more.  Thus I opted to use stencils and metallic paint pens to write phrases that hopefully will keep me motivated and prevent me from procrastinating so much (Lol that is a tall order even for me ha!).  This is how it turned out.

*once again I apologize for the bad quality.  Kitchen lighting is harsh at night and I decided I should document some stuff post starting everything.

Always use pencil first

Life mantras?


Pillars of Life!

It was a fun Sunday project and I think it made my gross cabinets look a lot better.

What did you do this weekend?

Oh and Happy Monday!


4 thoughts on “My Cabinets Are Hideous

  1. Loving the stuff in the mags and being a renter is a challenging combination! I curse at my cabinets every time I step foot in my kitchen…looks like I need to find that chalkboard contac paper 🙂

  2. Love this post….”le sigh” perfectly describes my reaction to almost every home decorating pin on pinterest I see…and the photos you posted. Being creative with apartment decorating is key and you really nailed a great idea! I’m totally sharing this post with my newyorkite friends!!

    • Thanks Caroline! Yea I don’t know why I keep looking at home sites and catalogs it’s like torture every day! Also Congratulations on launching full time into your photography business! Your work has been breathtaking : )

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