A Little Follow Up on Burning Off the Turkey Fest

First things first,  I am not an expert on fitness or training.  I just like working out, feeling strong, and creating my own delusion that I look pretty decent.

Yesterday I posted about the workout I did and also ever so briefly mentioned my hatred of running and preferred method of circuit training with minimal breaks.  Until today I did not realize the actual proper name for this type of exercise regime because as I said I ain’t no expert! : )  Anyways the pros in the field call it Metabolic Resistance Training/Metabolic Conditioning Training.

So after reading a bit more and watching videos on the interwebz I felt I should clear up my vague explanation of how I workout especially if I’m going to post about it here and there.  Additionally, giving my wordy description a more formal term will make it more Google friendly and who doesn’t like that?

Anyways I liked this video since it describes why Metabolic Resistance and Conditioning Training does make a bigger physical impact on your body without putting it under the same amount of stress as pounding the pavement for miles.


P.S. I realize not everyone is interested in these things. So if you are great! If not you can peruse the site for more Food Noms and Cat Mishaps instead.


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