Burning off the Turkey Fest Gluttony

After having basked in the glory of Thanksgiving and its leftovers for the past several days I figure it’s about time to get my bum back to the gym.

This wasn’t my first form of physical activity since Turkey day.  I think guilt got the best of me and Jeff, the man, and I played some two touch football last Friday with his old college buddies in Palo Alto. The weather was nice and as expected Jeff, Amos and Kevin were first to be picked for teams whilst Nikhilbean, Anubis, and myself were at the other end of the spectrum.  However, jokes on everybody else since the 3 of us most certainly had the highest yards per catch and touchdowns of the day.  We be sleeper picks ; )

On a related note, I likely got the most catches because

1) I have decent hands

2) People don’t know I have decent hands so I don’t get covered. (Silly boys you were deceived!)

3) Even if I’m not covered I run slow so it doesn’t matter all too much if I get the ball.

Now, this last point of running slow stems from the fact that I HATE RUNNING.  Seriously, I really hate it so I generally never bother to try and increase mile times or better my form because it would require running for practice, which isn’t gonna happen for me.

For example this past Halloween the man and I did a 10k Mud Run out in Folsom.  There were marine obstacles and lots of mud throughout the 10K, which I absolutely loved because it’s like being on a giant adult playground of sorts.

Generally happy pre mud run

However, the running made me want to die.  The man can attest to this as he probably would’ve won the whole damn thing, but being a good man he stuck by me as I dragged along.I had never run that distance in one go period before this because I generally avoided running at all costs throughout my 23 years of life.  There is a good reason that I played volleyball as opposed to soccer or basketball; a 30’x30′ square is much better than running on a whole damn field.


I look so miserable LOL

* Sorry I can only use this small picture.  If you click on it you can see my misery in a larger format : )

Anyways, my point, if you haven’t figured it out already is I don’t run. I also don’t like pure cardio especially on machines.  I prefer more strength training and getting your heart rate up through circuit training with multiple different exercises done in rounds with no breaks.  If you live in Berkeley and belong to Ironworks, the 630am Total Athletic Body Conditioning Class run by Mary is awesome and a great place to get yourself acquainted to this style of exercise. Go check it out!

So in light of what I discussed above this was my workout today.


*Note that all the weights I indicated were just what I used. You should try it out with whatever works for you : )

5 minute warmup

Today: sprint intervals: 30sec sprint, 1 minute jog

Other options: jumping jacks, jump rope, mountain climbers, jog, whatever gets your blood flowing a bit

Circuit 1: 3 rounds

Two handed kettlebell swing (16kg): 30sec

Jump squats: 15 sec

One arm (right) kettlebell swing (16kg): 30 sec

Jump squats: 15 sec

One arm (left) kettlebell swing (16kg): 30sec

Jump squats: 15 sec

Repeat Immediately

Circuit 2: 3 rounds

Russian twists with kettlebell (12kg): 20 each side

Bridge and dip with kettlebell (12kg) chest press: 20x

Straight leg, straight arm sit up: 20x


Circuit 3: 6 rounds

Sprint 60 yards *  or 15 burpees as fast as you can

* I just went back and forth in a fairly long room.

Hold plank: 30 sec

Repeat Immediately

Circuit 4: 2 rounds

Turkish get ups (12kg): 5 each side

Single leg kettlebell deadlift (16kg): 10 each leg

Leg lifts on back while holding kettlebell overhead (12kg): 10x


Circuit 5: 4 rounds

Barbell deadlifts: 15x

Barbell back squats: 15x

* Increase weight each round.

(I think I started with 55lbs and ended at 75lbs based on the fact that the barbell I used was either 35lb or 45lbs on its own.      Not totally sure as using the barbell is fairly new to me…….)

Now go try it out!


5 thoughts on “Burning off the Turkey Fest Gluttony

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    • Thanks Amos! This one was still shorter than the big ones so it might be less, but if it is then I feel like a beast! a small one that is ; )

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